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Marriage Therapy Radio

Feb 23, 2021

Laura is flying solo this week as Zach is away. She gets to interview Catherine O'Brien author of Happy with Baby about ways to protect the relationship when you add a baby to the mix. 

Learn more about Catherin at her website Happy with Baby.

Feb 16, 2021

Zach kicks us off with some jokes. Laura is the gift-giving master. This leads them into a discussion about the importance of Valentine's Day and what it represents. 

We know, Valentine's Day is over, and this is a valuable discussion any day of the year. 

Feb 9, 2021

Zach is loving Marriage Therapy Radio. Laura cashed in on Gamestop. They go on to discuss how the vulnerabilities that get triggered in our relationships can be understood and navigated. 

Feb 2, 2021

Laura is prepping for some glamping. Zach hired an actor to play himself.

They go on to discuss Dan Wile's 10 Rules of Good Communication from his book After the Honeymoon: How Conflict Can Improve your Relationship.
  • Communication Rule 1. Make “I” Statements not “You” Statements.
  • Communication Rule 2: Don’t...